Student Organizations of CIWC Approved and Recognized by the Student Government Association at Wesleyan College

Ranging from special interest to religious to just pure fun, Wesleyan has a wide variety of boards, clubs, and organizations to suit your every interest. Don't see what you're looking for? You are welcome to start a new club!

The following student organizations are approved and recognized by the Student Government Association at Wesleyan College. Wesleyan offers several other clubs that are recognized and managed by individual departments. Contact the Lane Center at for more details.

Art Club
President: Anna Fenton |

The Art Club sponsors academic and social events for the purpose of raising awareness of and an appreciation for Wesleyan’s and Middle Georgia’s art communities

Association of Exemplary International Students (A.X.I.S)
President: Anupama Bhatta |

A.X.I.S. encourages those in the Wesleyan and Middle Georgia community to experience, learn, and understand cultural and international traditions through events, activities, and trips. A.X.I.S. is open to all students who are interested in international and cultural issues.

Black Students Alliance (BSA)
President: Aiyana Egins |

BSA promotes minority awareness and provides an outlet for cultural pride among minority students. Through various programs and events, BSA educates the campus and the Macon community on the issues affecting people of color throughout the past, present, and future. The organization is open to all students interested in cultural diversity.

Campus Activities Board (CAB)
President: Caty Hogeland |

CAB provides a wide array of programs that complement the social lives of Wesleyan students. CAB traditionally hosts Homecoming, Spring Social, and other campus social events such as guest hypnotists, movie marathons, and themed parties. As CAB representatives, students have the opportunity to promote or enhance their leadership and planning skills.

Disability Awareness Nurturing Common Education (D.A.N.C.E)
President: Thaddea Gill |

D.A.N.C.E advocates for disability awareness on campus. The club is made up of students who are disabled and students who are simply passionate about advocating for disability awareness through educational and social programming.

Episcopal & Lutheran Fellowship
President: Colleen Norris |

ELF is a campus ministry dedicated to caring for the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of students, faculty and staff at Mercer, Wesleyan, and Middle Georgia State University. We are called to be an ecumenical community in the midst of our campuses and the Macon community. You do not have to be Lutheran, Episcopalian (or even Christian!) to be welcomed as a member of the ELF community.

President: Labinalis Rodriguez |

GLBAL is a club dedicated to discussing and dismantling the issues facing the LGBTQ+ community, while celebrating pride and the development of an open and equal community. Membership in GLBAL is open to all students interested in the education and understanding of gay and lesbian issues.

President: Ty Walker |

HerCampus is an online magazine dedicated to, written by, and focused on empowering college women. Wesleyan College has a HerCampus page in which Wesleyan editors and contributors write meaningful articles about their experiences and journey through college life.

President: Eve Stump |

Hyperion is Wesleyan’s Color Guard team dedicated to rehearsing, performing, and teaching fellow students how to spin and toss. Hyperion holds tryouts and anyone is welcome to come to our clinics and learn how to spin, and may even join the team.

Math Club
President: Amanda Deering |

Wesleyan’s Math Club promotes student involvement in math and math education by getting more women involved in STEM and Math programming. Anyone is invited to join so long as they have a passion or interest in Math.

Odyssey of the Mind
President: Tia Grant |

Odyssey of the Mind is a group that participates in creative problem-solving competitions. This group is available to any students with a knack for problem-solving, creativity, and learning.

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)
Maddison Hobbs |

RUF at Wesleyan is a dedicated to campus ministry and creating safe spaces for students to come and ask questions, worship God, serve others, grow in their knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and find authentic community and fellowship. RUF’s goal is to reach students for Christ and equip them to serve the Church, their community, and their campus.

President: Katie Ann Fitts |

SGA functions as a practical means to establish and maintain effective governance of the college, to increase a sense of individual responsibility, to work for the common good of each student, and to increase communication between all members of the Wesleyan campus community. It serves as the voice of the Wesleyan student body and contributes to co- curricular life at the College.

STUNT Committee
President: Isabelle King |

STUNT is an annual, student-led musical production that dates back to 1897. All four classes write, direct, perform, and produce their own musical skits to compete for the coveted STUNT Cup. All proceeds benefit an academic scholarship given to members of the rising Junior class.

Theatre Club
President: D'Maya Kirkland |

WTC strives to promote student funded and organized theatre productions. They also assist in funding theatrical expenditures, such as the Georgia Theatre Conference and the Southeastern Theatre Conference. The WTC strives to pave the way for, and teach theatrical skills to, future thespians of Wesleyan.

Voz Latina
President: Jessica Angeles |

Voz Latina is made of a group of young, Latina Wesleyan students who are looking to educate and inform others of the many Latin American traditions and cultural riches of being a Latin American woman. This is accomplished through social events, weekly meetings, and community service.

Washboard Band
President: Kristen Kelley |

The Washboard Band has been a treasured legacy of Wesleyan for more than 60 years. Auditions are held each fall for singers and instrumentalists. Washboard Band performs a variety of bluegrass, folk, and country songs at events such as Pioneer Fest, Alumnae Weekend, and the annual Washboard Christmas Concert held before the Holiday Banquet.

Wesley at Wesleyan
President: Lisett Cruz |

The Wesley Foundation was formed to unite students by celebrating and sharing in the Methodist heritage. Wesley Foundation meets regularly and is open to all students who want to be involved.

Wesleyan College Nature Club
President: Jordan Looney |

Wesleyan’s Nature Club wants to explore nature and the environment. Nature Club explores the natural world through academic excursions, hikes, lake clean-ups, birding, and more. Anyone with an interest in nature trips and topics is invited to join.

Wesleyan Dance Club
President: Amanda Rowan |

Wesleyan Dance Club rehearses and performs dance numbers throughout the semester, and performs in regular campus such as CI Day or International Dinner. Dance club is open for auditions to any student who wishes to participate in rehearsals and performances.

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