[04-15] CIWC Council Meeting Hosted Online

On April 12, Confucius Institute of Wesleyan College(CIWC) coucil meeting was hosted online. Professor Qu Shaobing, Chairman of Guangzhou University(GZHU) Council and Professor Vivian Fowler, President of Wesleyan College, attended the meeting.  

During the meeting, Doctor Nicholas Steneck, Dean of CIWC, reported work summary and final financial accounts Summary of 2021. Both sides listened to and approved the budget and tentative work plan of 2022. Participants reached a consensus on the list of new council members including GZHU Vice-President Wu Kaijun, Professor Tang Xuan, Director of the Intentional Affairs Office of GZHU and Xu Lingjun, Director of Finance Office of GZHU.

President Vivian expressed her gratitude to GZHU for its consistent efforts in promoting the development of CIWC including sending teachers and volunteers. She hoped that the two universities would make progress together, have a long-lasting friendship, and embrace a bright future.

"The number of registered students has kept increasing and teaching quality of the Confucius Institute has been widely recognized. HSK tests were hosted in spring and autumn and more than 30 online and in-person cultural activities have been carried out. All of the achievement should be attributed to the efforts of the two universities." Professor Qu praised the achievements made by CIWC and thanked Wesleyan University for its consistent and strong support. He thanked President Vivian, Dr. Nicholas Steneck and all CIWCs faculty for their contribution to the development of CIWC and the cooperation between the two universities. He believed collaboration between the two universities will be deepened and CIWC will embrace a promising prospect.