[01-05] New Year's Eve, a party on the web

"New Year's Eve, a party on the web"

Boom of enrolled in Chinese language courses in Lendinara, who do not want to give up the event on the Web Chinese courses

Chinese courses in Lendinara are now an institution.  They have been active for 11 years and have always been very popular with children and the boys who follow them.  With the advent of the pandemic, in February of last year, all schools closed their doors, but the Chinese courses continued immediately, indeed, from the day after the total closure, the lessons were held online.  But the surprising aspect was that since the courses are held in virtual mode, enrollments have increased and children who live in other provinces such as Padua, Vicenza, have also started to participate.  Children who live in Naples have also registered.  Yes, it was a surprise for us too, we have a pupil from Mestre, one from Bassano del Grappa and a little girl from Naples, Professor Pier Luigi Benini explained with satisfaction ,  Since the lessons have been on the web platforms, the school has had an increase in its catchment area.  We started right away in late February.  Then this year, seeing how things were going, we decided to continue in this way and we feel good even though it is not the same as face-to-face teaching. 

The courses involve primary and secondary school children.We have about 40 members who are divided into classes, continues Pier Luigi Benini, I follow the Italian part, while Professor Yujie Li, a mother tongue, deals with the Chinese part. 

For primary school children, the activities mainly take on a playful connotation;  while for the medium-sized ones we deepen more and we aim that at the end of the studies we can also issue a linguistics valid at European level.  Online teachers use a variety of strategies to enhance pupils' attention.  I use the notebook as a background, Professor Benini continues.  Professor Li, on the other hand, has activated a virtual whiteboard, where she writes, gives examples and explains the lesson. 

Every year, in the first months of the year in Lendinara, the Chinese New Year is organized, but in all probability this year a party in the square, with workshops and lessons in but it will not be done.  Yes, the traditional Chinese New Year as we were used to here in Lendinara does not cause the pandemic, concludes Professor Benini,  in any case we have taken steps to celebrate itself, in online mode of course.  We have already talked about it with the head teacher these days, we are evaluating what the program will be.  Lendinara's Chinese courses are supported by the Confucius Classroom 'De Amicis' of Rovigo which belongs to the Confucius Institute of the University of Padua.  All activities are always supported - by the Municipality of Lendinara which was the founding partner of the entire project. 

By Valentina Magnarello




Introduction of Il Resto del Carlino

il Resto del Carlino is an Italian newspaper based in Bologna, and is one of the oldest and most popular newspapers in Italy. It was established in 1885. The founder was Amilcare Zamorani. In 1988 the owner of the paper was Monrif.  In 2004 the owners were Monrif (59.2%) and the RCS MediaGroup (9.9%). The publisher of the paper is Poligrafici Editoriali.  Its sister newspapers are La Nazione and Il Giorno.