University of Mazandaran

An Introduction to Confucius Institute at University of Mazandaran


Dr. Azizi Mahmoud and Mr. Xu Xinyu, Co-directors of Confucius Institute at UMZ


On May 4, 2019, the Inauguration of Confucius Institute at University of Mazandaran was held. Prof. Qu Shaobing, Chairman of University Council of Guangzhou University and his delegation attended the ceremony, including Ms. Liang Biru, director of International Office of Guangzhou University and some other officials as well as a group of 6 students who played martial arts performance. Mr. Wang Qingjun, Counselor of the Chinese Embassy, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Dr. Yahya Talebi Rostami, the president of UMZ and Dr. Amirsaeed Karami from the International Office of the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology also delivered their speeches.



On Oct.7, 2019, classes for 35 registered Chinese language learners started (3 groups).



On November 11, 2019, the Chinese Ambassador to Iran Mr. Chang Hua came to UMZ, meeting Dr. Kourosh Nozari the president and other university officials, visiting the Confucius Institute, observing a Chinese language class.



The two co-directors of CI and president Kourosh Nozari attended 2019 International Chinese Language Education Conference held in Changsha, together with Prof. Qu Shaobing and Ms. Liang Biru from Guangzhou University




On December 12, 2019, Dr. Kourosh Nozari visited Guangzhou University, discussing further academic co-operations with Prof. Zhang Jingyi (Dean), Prof. Wang Hongguang (Vice-dean) and other professors of School of Physics and Electronic Engineering.



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