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Based in the Pearl River Delta (PRD), the School of Humanities is committed to cultivating liberal arts talents with international vision, patriotism, humanistic background, aesthetic qualities, independent thinking ability and imaginative creativity.

1.3  General Description

The School of Humanities was established in July 2000 and consists of the Chinese Department, the History Department and the Journalism Department of the former Guangzhou Normal College, Guangzhou Institute of Education and other institutions. With a history of more than 60 years and the pursuit of excellence, the School has trained tens of thousands of undergraduate and graduate students.

The School has a high-level faculty with experience, professionalism, education and title structure. There are currently 122 faculty members, to include 27 professors, 45 associate professors and 89 doctoral and post-doctoral students. There are four faculty member who enjoy special subsidies from the State Council, one outstanding talent in the new century from the Ministry of Education, four outstanding talents of Guangdong Province, one outstanding talent of “Plan with Special Support” of Guangdong Province, six provincial outstanding teachers, two famous teachers in teaching, one outstanding social scientist of Guangdong Province, one leading talent in publicity of Guangdong Province, one outstanding expert of municipal High-level Talents and one teacher who is a talent of the municipal "121" Talent Project.

The School has five departments, which include the Department of Literature, Linguistics, Theater and Film Studies, Secretarial Studies and History. It has undergraduate majors in Chinese Language and Literature, History and Chinese International Education. There are three first-level master's degree programs in Chinese language and literature, drama and film studies, and Chinese history, two master's degree programs in teaching (Chinese), and two doctoral degree programs in Chinese international education. "Chinese Language and Literature" is a key discipline in Guangdong Province and "Chinese Language and Literature" is a key major in Guangdong Province. In addition, there are eight scientific research and teaching teams in Guangdong Province, one national-level video course, two provincial-level video courses, two municipal-level courses, and several key courses at the provincial and municipal levels.