[08-25] Article Completed by GZHU Research Team Led by Academician Ye Siyu Published on Adv. Energy Mater.

The article entitled “Advanced Cathode Materials for Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells: Recent Progress and Future Perspectives” completed by Guangzhou University(GZHU) research team led by Academician Ye Siyu was published on Adv. Energy Mater. This article was published on the front cover.

The electrochemical performance of these cathode materials in proton ceramic fuel cells(PCFCs) is discussed in the article and the electrochemical performance gaps among PCFCs with different types of cathode materials are defined. Perspectives on the development of high-performance PCFCs are proposed.

GZHU Post-doctor is Wang Ning and Huangpu Hydrogen Energy Innovation Center of GZHU is the first corresponding unit.