[03-02] Virtual Signing Ceremony for Agreement of Inter-university Cooperation Between The Universitat Politecnica De Valencia and Guangzhou University Hosted

On February 28, virtual signing ceremony for agreement of inter-university cooperation between the Universitat Politecnica De Valencia and Guangzhou University (GZHU) was hosted. GZHU President Wei Minghai and Professor Jose E. Capilla Roma, President of Universitat Politecnica De Valencia signed the agreement on behalf of the two universities.

President Wei pointed out that this year marked the 10th anniversary of the international sister-city relationship between Guangzhou and Valencia, both of which enjoy important strategic and economic position in their respective countries and regions. The Universitat Politecnica De Valencia was invited to join the Guangzhou International Sister City University Alliance in 2021. With the support of the Guangzhou municipal government, Guangzhou University will give full play to the role of the Alliance and carry out cooperation with the Universitat Politecnica De Valencia in joint research, faculty exchange and student joint program in communication engineering, statistics and operational research, chemical polymer, engineering and environmental science.

Professor Jose said that the University of Valencia would stay committed to deepening cooperation with Chinese universities and promote exchange between faculty and students on the basis of mutual learning. The two sides will provide support and assistance for the development of society and cities.