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The Confucius Institute at Wesleyan College

The Confucius Institute at Wesleyan College (CIWC) was established according to the CIWC Agreement signed in June 2012, and the nameplate unveiling ceremony in April, 2013. The CIWC is located in the Willey Library of Wesleyan College. The two cooperative parties are Wesleyan College in the United States and Guangzhou Universities in China. The Director of the CIWC is Dr.Nicholas J. Steneck, and the deputy director is Dr. Huichun Liu.

The mission of CIWC is to teach Chinese and promote the cultural exchange, facilitate the cross cultural exchanges between students, educators and communities between China and America. It is a platform for Chinese cultural studies. It establishes connection of womens lives between Wesleyan College and China through higher education and social activities.

Located on the first floor of the Lucy Lester Willet Memorial Library, the CIWC houses The China Museum which contains silk tapestries, oriental screens, ornate rosewood tables and chairs, porcelain objects d’art, and other Chinese art and artifacts that are a part of Wesleyan’s longstanding history with China. This museum gallery also serves as a reception area to welcome visitors and scholars from around the world.

The CIWC offers a variety of Chinese courses, organizes Chinese cultural activities, and conducts HSK, HSKK, YCT tests. In addition to the Chinese language and culture courses at the Wesleyan campus, the CIWC has established one Confucius Classroom in Macon and different teaching sites in Atlanta and in Savannah to provide for Chinese language and culture courses, and organize CIWC students to participate in the HSK and YCT tests.

The CIWC organizes a wide variety of cultural events every year and invites and arranges domestic music and artistic troupes to perform in Macon. Cultural activities include the Chinese New Year Celebration, Confucius Institute Day Celebration, performances of Chinese folk dance, Chinese culture workshops, etc. The CIWC dance troupe, which combines the aesthetic values of Chinese classical beauty with modern beauty, constitutes a big part of the CIWC’s cultural activities.

Through a grant awarded by the U.S. Department of State Wesleyan developed an American Cultural Center at Guangzhou University in China designed to provide Chinese students and the Guangzhou community better insight into American history, philosophy, international relations, media, fine arts, community engagement, and life in America. 

For information about the Confucius Institute at Wesleyan College, please contact:

Co-Directors: Dr. Huichun Liu (Luca): (478) 757-2450 or huliu@wesleyancollege.edu.

Co-Director Nicholas Steneck: (478) 757-2811 or nsteneck@wesleyancollege.edu 

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