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The Academy of Guangzhou Development Research adheres to the tenet of “being based in Guangzhou, serving decision-making, making key breakthroughs, and pursuing big influence”. With the development goals of “new university think tank” and “key research base”, it implements “both basic research and applied research as its drives”. Impressive results have been made in producing high-end research achievements, serving governmental decisions, educating think tank talents, building think tank brands, and building unique disciplines. The academy is a new type of university think tank in South China that has significant social impact.

One Purpose: Being based in Guangzhou, serving decision-making, making key breakthrough, and pursing big influence.

Two Drives: Both basic research and applied research

Three Major Brands: Dawan District Internal Reference, Guangzhou Blue Book Series and Guangzhou Learning Collaborative Innovation

Four Explorations: Research mechanism, platform construction, brand building and high-caliber recruitment

Five Effects: The support of high-end achievements in the development of disciplines, the support of think tank brands to the social services of universities, the support of characteristic disciplines to the construction of high-level universities, the support of cooperation platforms to the social impact of think tanks and the support of international forums to international academic exchanges.

General Description

The Academy of Guangzhou Developmental Research was established in 2003 and is a first-class   research institution of Guangzhou University, a key research base for university humanities and social sciences in Guangdong Province. The academy is also a supporting unit of the Collaborative Innovation Development Center of Guangzhou Studies in Guangdong Province, the base unit and the “first group of new think tank construction pilot units” of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government.

In 2005, the Academy became a key research base for humanities and social sciences in   universities in Guangdong Province;

In 2014, the Academy became the “Guangzhou Learning Collaborative Innovation Development   Center” of the 2011 project in Guangdong Province;

In 2017, the Academy became the “First Group of New Think Tank Building Pilot Units” established   by the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government;

In 2018, the Academy became the “National Cultural Security Research Center” of the Guangdong Social Science Research Base;

In 2018, the Academy was selected into the “Top 100 University Think Tanks” and “China   Think Tank Index (CTTI) Source Think Tanks”;

In 2019, the Academy cooperated the Nansha District Government to establish the Nansha   Branch of Guangzhou Development Research Academy (Nansha Research Institute).

The Academy at present has a total of eight researchers to include two senior professionaone staff, one vice-senior professional staff, three intermediate professional staff, two administrative staff. All researchers have PhD degrees. The Academy also employs more than 30 part-time professional researchers with practical experiences on and off campus participating in academic research and decision-making. The disciplines of the Academy inlcude philosophy, economics, sociology, law, geography, and religion.