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The Taiwan Research Institute of Guangzhou University was established in October 2013. It is a social science think tank with distinctive features jointly established by government and university. In 2017, it joined the Collaborative Innovation Center for Peaceful Development of Cross-Strait Relations and was selected as the 2017 China Core Think Tank (AMI) by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

With the aim of "positioning with characteristics, serving local areas and promoting academic studies ", the institute aims to build a new type of think-tank with local university characteristics based on the needs of regional development and the characteristics of exchanges with Taiwan. It is committed to fully understanding Taiwan, strengthening cross-strait academic exchanges and promoting the peaceful development of cross-strait relations.

Relying on the university’s strengths and exchange platforms with Taiwan, the Institute coordinates full-time and part-time researchers to carry out research on cross-strait rural governance, education policies, marriage and family, folk religious beliefs, media, and other characteristics regarding cross-strait relations. While making progress in research and combining research and application, the institute will conduct an in-depth Taiwan research, build a bridge of temperature exchanges, promote social progress across the Taiwan Straits, and serve the great cause of the reunification of the motherland.


Research Areas


This platform plays a pivotal role in the "Cross-Strait Seminar on Rural Governance", integrates the research forces of relevant departments such as the School of Public Administration, the School of Business Administration and the School of Economics and Statistics, further strengthens links between our university and Taiwan Rural Development Planning Association, universities, agricultural associations, agricultural governance groups, etc. It also provides reference for strengthening the sharing of rural governance experience on both sides of the straits, integrating rural resources of both sides of the Straits to participate in construction, promoting urban and rural integration and development, advancing the modernization of rural governance capacity, and exploring effective ways to promote rural revitalization, grass-roots exchanges and people's livelihood improvement on both sides of the Straits.                                                             

Cross-strait Education Policy Research Platform: This platform centers on holding the "Cross-strait Education Policy Seminar" and undertaking the "Sui-Tai University Presidents Forum". It relies on education policy research strengths such as education resources from the School of Education, the Guangzhou University-Pingtung University Education Policy Research Center and the platform exchange mechanism of "Regional Education Quality Assurance Policy Cooperation Research in Guangdong and Taiwan Areas", as well as the system of Taiwan University of Education and our sister schools and Taiwanese teachers, education and other social groups. The Institute has involved in meeting the needs for cross-strait education reform, teachers’ vocational education and training, hosting education policy seminars and cultural and educational exchanges, comparing the characteristics, problems and countermeasures of cross-strait education development, discussing policy enhancements to strengthen cross-strait education cooperation and exchanges, promoting the deepening of educational reform, and exploring the historical tradition and modern development of Chinese culture and education in the context of globalization. The institute also engages in stimulating the recognition of Chinese culture and arousing the common sense of achieving rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and exploring effective ways to jointly promote the improvement of education quality, training capable personnel, and increasing the global competitiveness of education.

CROSS-STRAIT MARRIAGE AND FAMILY RESEARCH PLATFORM: Since 2015, the platform has initiated cooperation with the Guangdong Women’s Federation and other fields to carry out joint research in sociology, anthropology, law, education, literature, management and other inter-disciplines, and held a “Cross-strait Marriage” at Guangzhou University in November. On the basis of the “Family Achievement Release and Seminar”, the main body of the platform was gradually expanded and the working group of the Platform and the cross-strait marriage and family organizations and other related organizations organized the“Cross-strait Marriage and Family Seminars. Issues such as safeguarding rights and interests, strengthening local integration, enhancing family ties, and promoting the harmony among people on both sides of the Straits were discussed in the Seminars.

CROSS-STRAIT MEDIA RESEARCH PLATFORM: The platform relies on the School of Journalism and Communication to further promote in-depth cooperation between Guangzhou University and its sister universities in Taiwan, and jointly established the "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao and Taiwan New Media Research Center" with Shixin University and Ming Chuan University in November 2017. This Platform aims to integrate resources in exchange among staff members and students, coordinate research resources, co-organize seminars, host graduation achievements exhibitions, launch competitions, co-publish papers, apply for scientific research projects and awards, train capable undergraduate and graduate students, in order to jointly improve the quality of education and teaching, enable research on media in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to become the characteristics and strengths of disciplinary development and talent training in relevant universities. The Platform actively explores effective ways to expand communication channels between the four sides of the Taiwan Straits and promote social integration.

The cross-strait joint research platform on folk beliefs (under construction) : Based on survey and research on cooperation of religious beliefs in Guangdong and Taiwan conducted by Guangzhou University and its sister schools in Taiwan in recent years, this platform plans to cooperate with relevant universities and religious belief organizations in the two places to prepare a "The Joint Research Center for Cross-strait Folk Belief" to discuss the origin of cross-strait traditional culture and modern value excavation, promote social harmony and cultural innovation, and accelerate cross-strait people's harmony and social integration.