School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Mission of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

To meet the needs of national and local economic development, the School regards training talents as its fundamental task of education. The school commits to training talents with moral integrity, patriotism, high sense of social responsibility, solid scientific and cultural knowledge, innovative spirit and curiosity. Students are trained to master basic theories, knowledge and skills in chemistry and have the awareness and ability of innovation and lifelong learning. Graduates majoring in chemistry or chemical engineering are engaged in scientific research and technological development in chemistry, chemical engineering and related disciplines. Students receiving chemical education are capable of teaching chemistry in middle schools.

At the same time, the school strengthens cooperation with local industry. Faculty are committed to carrying out scientific research in many fields to include analytical science and technology, catalysis and energy, coordination chemistry and application, fine chemical engineering, material chemical engineering and other related areas.

The school will continue to promote the industry-university-institute cooperation and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to facilitate local economic and social developments with high quality.

General Description

The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering was founded in 2005. The school’s history can be traced to the Chemistry Department of Guangzhou Normal University founded in 1958. At present, the school has two first-class master's programs of chemistry, chemical engineering and technology as well as two professional master's programs in chemical education and chemical engineering. Chemistry and chemical engineering and technology are both rated as national first-class undergraduate programs in 2019. Chemical engineering and technology is rated as one of the key disciplines of Guangdong Province. Chemical engineering and technology is one of the key disciplines of high-level universities development in Guangdong province and one of the priority disciplines of Guangdong Province. The school is also the council chairman unit of the Chemical Industry Professional Committee in Guangdong province.

Three important research and teaching centers have been set up which include the Research Center for Analytical Science and Technology, Experiment Center, and Analysis and Test Center. The school has four research institutes which include the Energy and Catalysis Research Institute, Modern Chemical Technology and Engineering Research Institute, Food Research Institute, and Fine Chemical Research Institute. The school has National Chemical Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, Guangdong Chemical Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, Key Laboratory of Water Source Protection and Water Quality Safety of the Pearl River in the Ministry of Education, Guangdong Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Fine Chemical Engineering Technology Research and Development Center, the Practical Teaching Demonstration of Guangdong province. There are five demonstration bases for joint cultivation of postgraduates, three key laboratories of Guangzhou city which include Hydrogen Energy and Green Catalysis Laboratory, Environmental Functional Materials and Technology Laboratory and Clean Energy Materials Laboratory. These laboratories are equipped with devices worthy of about 110 million RMB and the area of the labs is nearly 12000 square meters. The school possesses substantial documentary data resources on chemistry and chemical industry.

The school has 118 faculty members to include 84 full-time teachers, 77 full-time teachers with doctoral degree, eight doctoral supervisors and 47 master supervisors. One of the faculty members received National Outstanding Youth Fund, one received National Excellent Youth Fund, one received young scholar of Pearl River in the field of chemical engineering. The faculty team has three outstanding teachers of Guangdong province, two excellent teachers of Guangdong province, one member of the teaching guiding committee in the field of chemical engineering and technology of Ministry of Education, one member of the teaching guiding committee in chemical engineering and technology of Guangdong province. The school has one national virtual simulation experiment project, four second prizes for teaching achievement awards and four online courses at the provincial level.

Faculty have been engaged in research of analysis science and technology, physicochemical and catalytic energy materials, coordination chemistry and application, industrial catalysis and fine chemical engineering. Over the past five years, faculty have taken charge of 64 NSFC projects, 52 province and ministry level projects, and the scientific research funds are about 63.766 million RMB. Faculty have published 401 papers indexed by SCI, 19 of which have been selected as top 1% highly-cited papers of ESI, 2 of which have been selected as 0.1% highly-cited papers of ESI. A total of 80 patents have been put into practice and 60 patents were been authorized.

There are currently 998 undergraduates in the school and these students have gained many innovation achievements. Nearly 75% of the students have been participated in extra-curricular science and technology activities and innovation and entrepreneurship research projects. At present, three students have won China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award. Students have won three first prizes, five second prizes and three third prizes in the national "Challenge Cup" competitions.