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01.jpg——School Logo (School Emblem)

011.jpg——School Logo 1

02.jpg——QR code of the School

03.jpg——Group photo of the School as one of the founding members of the Business Schools Alliance of the Belt and Road Initiative

04.jpg——The School held Major Project Management Innovation and Greater Bay Area Construction Forum


05.jpg——Group photo of the School as a member of the school-enterprise cooperation in Alibaba "Centennial Orange Division" Project

06.jpg——The photo of students who won the second award of the 15th “Challenge Cup” National College Student Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition

07.jpg——The first provincial knowledge base “Guangdong Provincial Decision Consulting Research Base——Rural E-commerce Research Center” had been established based on the School

08.jpg——The Sino-American Logistics Council, LLC (SALC) visited the school to discuss training cooperation program on training international logistics talent

09.jpg——Students’ works had won numerous achievements in the National College Students "Innovation, Originality and Entrepreneurship" Competition

10.jpg——The School has established the cooperative education base with many real estate companies

11.jpg——Students participate in the school sports competition

12.jpg——Students participate in various voluntary activities of the Fortune Forum

13.jpg——Students graduation party

14.jpg—Students won awards in "Innovation, Originality and Entrepreneurship" Competition

15.jpg——Professor Xue Xiaolong, Dean of the School, accepted interviews by several media

16.jpg——The MBA program of the School won the 2019 Silk Road Global Business Schools Most Brand Value MBA Program

1.2 Mission

Building a Responsible Management School in the Digital Age

1.3  General Description

The School is devoted to educating students with moral integrity and rationality as well as making contributions to industrial and commercial prosperity. It has established a talent training system combining "IQ", "EQ" and "DQ", and it is committed to building a responsible and innovative management school in the digital age.

The school has a comprehensive multi-level talent educating system offering bachelor, master and PhD degrees. It has established an innovative talent cultivation mechanism with large-scale training and independent majors, and set up a "school general course + college platform course + special module professional course" curriculum structure.

There are three undergraduate majors in business management, engineering management, and logistics management, first-level doctoral and master's degree programs in business management, Professional Master Degrees in Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Engineering in the school.

There are 118 full-time faculty at present to include 23 professors, 14 doctoral supervisors, and more than 70 faculty with doctorate degrees and overseas experience in well-known overseas universities.

Faculty of the school have undertaken more than 40 national, major and youth projects, over 60 provincial projects, and published more than 300 high-level essays. They have won one national teaching achievement award and several provincial teaching achievement awards.

Students have won seven national awards and more than 50 provincial awards.

The school has a large number of provincial teaching platforms to include one national-level innovation space, one national-level high quality resource course, provincial key programs, discipline programs, comprehensive reform pilot programs, talent training model innovation experiment zone, teaching team, college students internship teaching base, high quality courses, experimental teaching demonstration center, etc.

The school has established cooperation and exchange relations with more than 20 world-renowned universities to include the University of Florida and the University of Hong Kong. It has also established close cooperative relationships with more than 100 well-known enterprises to include China Construction Bank, CICC, China Mobile, Alibaba, Country Garden, China State Construction.

The school is on its way to achieve the goal of building a “first-class domestic and internationally well-known” management school, by adopting reform measures to include building a high-caliber faculty, developing an innovative talent training model and strengthen international cooperation in scientific research. It will provide more social services with the mission of cultivating responsible and innovative senior management talents in the digital age and serves to the needs of the development of Guangzhou as well as the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area through educating management talents according to the standards of the international elite business schools.