The School of Computer Science and Cyber Engineering

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The School of Computer Science and Cyber Engineering of Guangzhou University aims at fostering socialist core values and a strong sense of enterprise and responsibility. It is dedicated to educating students with the knowledege of basic theories, skills of computer systems, cyberspace security and artificial intelligence, and the ability to design and carry out research on computer application systems. Its goal is to prepare students with strong creativity consciousness, international vision, team spirit, management ability, good interpersonal relationship and professional knowledge.


General description

The School of Computer Science and Cyber Engineering has a variety of discipline platforms for teaching and scientific research. The "Computer Science and Technology" undergraduate program has been awarded the First-class program of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. It is also one of the national characteristic disciplines and the key disciplines of Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Education. The doctoral and master’s programs of "Cyberspace Security" as well as the master’s program of "Electronic Information" have been awarded the first-class disciplines of the Ministry of Education. "Cyberspace Security" is the key discipline with advantages in Guangdong Province and the key discipline for "striving for the first class, overcoming shortcomings and strengthening strengths" of high-level universities in Guangdong Province. The School has the Key Laboratory of "Artificial Intelligence Security" in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center for Mathematics Education Software, Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center for Big Data Security and Privacy Protection, the Institute of Computing Theory of Guangzhou University and the Institute of Computer Networks of Guangzhou University. In March 2019, Computer Science of Guangzhou University entered the top 1% of Essential Science Indicators (ESI) in the world, marking that its scientific research strength and academic influence of the discipline have entered the top rank globally. In November 2019, Cyberspace Security major ranked the fourth place in the list of “Best Disciplines in China” by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy.