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The Guangzhou University School of Marxism is aimed at educating professionals for society and in particular the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, which own outstanding ability in education, teaching, and publicity under the guidance of  Marxist theory. The School focuses on the needs of Marxist Theory discipline development in the new era as well as the demand for talents in developing the Greater Bay Area. It constructs a reasonable curriculum system with Marxist theory, socialist theory with Chinese characteristics, and original classical works at the core. All such courses rely on the Teaching Practice Base of the National Innovation Experimental Zone for Teachers and Education, and two provincial-level research bases in the School in orderto combine theoretical teaching with practical teaching. With these efforts, students are trained to become Marxist theory talents who are excellent in the professional fields of teaching, education, development, publicity, scientific research and management.

  General Description

The School of Marxism originates from the Department of Ideology and Politics of Guangzhou Normal College in 1958, and is funded by Guangdong Province as one of the key schools. The School now has one first-level discipline Master’s program on Marxist theory (including seven sub-disciplines), one sub-discipline Master’s program on Marxist Philosophy, one  Master of Education program—Subject Pedagogy (Ideology and Politics), one undergraduate degree program on Ideological and Political Education. All such programs are supported by 15 professors, 33 doctors, two PhD supervisors, and 17 Master supervisors, among whom one has been awarded the leading talent of National “Ten Thousand Talents Plan”, two awarded cultural experts and leading talents of “Four Groups” by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee,  and three chief experts of major projects supported by the National Social Science Fund.

The Marxist Theory discipline in Guangzhou University is one of the three key disciplines of Marxist Theory in Guangdong Province. Its comprehensive strength ranks around the 45th place in Marxist Theory among colleges and universities.