School of Life Sciences


The mission of the School of Life Sciences at Guangzhou University is to cultivate practical talents of biological technology with strong fundamental knowledge, and significant abilities to put ideas into practice and innovate, through its excellence in teaching and intensive research.

General Description

The School of Life Sciences at Guangzhou University was established in July 2005. Its predecessors are the Department of Biology and the Department of Bioengineering at Guangzhou University which were merged by the Departments of Biology of Guangzhou Teachers College and Guangzhou Institute of Education.

The School of Life Sciences provides two undergraduate programs: Bioscience and Biopharmaceutical sciences and one level 1 Master program of Biology with two research areas: Teaching (Biology) and Chemical Engineering (Biochemical Engineering). At present, the school has more than 700 students. The Bioscience Program is a provincial program, the Bioengineering Program is a provincial pilot program of major comprehensive reform and the Bioengineering Program is a municipal key course.

At present, the school has 86 full-time faculty, 59 of whom have doctorate degrees. There are 20 professors, 25 associate professors, 8 post-doctoral supervisors, 8 PhD supervisors, 36 master supervisors and 30 staff members have study abroad experiences. There are 3 professors among the 13 technical staff.

The school has a provincial teaching demonstration center of biological sciences and technology. It has laboratories covering 11000 square meters with laboratory instruments in the value of 13 million yuan. To meet the needs of teaching and research, there sets up 1 biopharmaceutical pilot plant, 1 provincial college students practical teaching base, 2 graduate students practical teaching bases, 7 university internship bases and more than 10 school internship bases in the school.