[04-20] GZHU Receives Five Provincial Science and Technology Awards in 2021

In Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Conference held in Guangzhou on April 15, five achievements for which Guangzhou University(GZHU) is the first unit were awarded the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology awards, including one second place prize of natural science award, three second place prizes of scientific and technological progress award and one scientific and technological cooperation award. Another project for which GZHU is not the first unit was awarded a first place prize.

Among the five projects, project presided over by Professor Liu Zhaoqing of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of GZHU won the second place prize of the Natural Science Award. Three projects presided over by Professor Xiang Jianhua of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Professor Zhou Xiaoqing of the School of Civil Engineering and Professor Jiao Chujie won the second place prizes of scientific and technological progress award respectively. Denis bastieri, foreign professor of the School of Physics and Materials, won scientific and technological cooperation award. Project participated by Professor Gao Ying of the School of Computer Science and Network Engineering won the first place prize of scientific and technological progress.