[04-11] GZHU Faculty's Article Published on Chemical Engineering Science

The article entitled “Smart Janus membrane for on-demand separation of oil, bacteria, dye, and metal ions from complex wastewater” which was completed by Associate Professor Lin Jing from School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, was published on Chemical Engineering Science, one of the world-renowned journals in chemical engineering.

The study demonstrates that the underlying mechanism of on-demand separation of water-in-oil and oil-in-water emulsion is related to wettability, adhesive forces, and intrusion pressure. The proposed Janus membrane can achieve one-step separation of complex wastewater comprising oil, bacteria, organic dye, and metal ions. The effective removal of dyes is due to synergistic effects of electrostatic adsorption and photodegradation. This facile strategy for fabricating smart Janus separation membranes has application potential in on-demand oil/water separation and practical complex wastewater separation.

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