[11-22] GZHU Research Team's Research Result Published on Advanced Materials

Wu Xu, associate professor of Guangzhou University College of Chemical Engineering/Guangdong Fine Chemicals Engineering Technology Research Center for Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection, provides a facile, versatile, and scalable approach for the future design of superoleophobic coatings in a water environment.

The article entitled “Simultaneous realization of superoleophobicity and strong substrate adhesion in water via a unique segment orientation mechanism” was published on Advanced Materials, one of the tier-one journals in engineering technology and materials sciences. Guangzhou University is the first unit of the article, Associate Professor Wu Xu is the first corresponding author and Yu Danfeng is the first author. Doctor Lv Jing and Professor Wang Wenxin from Dublin University in Ireland are the co-corresponding authors from cooperative unit.

Link of the Article: