[11-18] The Article of GZHU Research Team Led by Professor Niu Li Published on ACS AMI

The Analytical Science and Technology Research Center and Guangzhou Key Laboratory of Sensing Materials and Devices of Guangzhou University(GZHU) present an electrochemical method for the highly selective and amplified sensing of NAs, using a peptide nucleic acid (PNA) recognition probe and a bioinspired electro-RAFT polymerization (BERP)-based amplification strategy. The artitle entitled "Bioinspired electro-raft polymerization for electrochemical sensing of nuclear acids" was published on ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. The first author of this paper is Doctor Hu Qiong from GZHU. The BERP has the advantages of mild reaction conditions (room temperature, reduction potential of −0.2V vs SCE), simple operation and good controllability (precise regulation and control of polymerization can be realized by parameters such as conditional potential or current).

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