CIWC Hosts New Year Culture Lectures in GAB for the First Time

    On January 25th, at the invitation of Georgia Academy for the Blind (GAB), Professor Jiang Xiaoping, Dean of Confucius Institute at Wesleyan College (CIWC), along with the other two CIWC faculty members, gave new year lectures in GAB, which was highly acclaimed by faculty members and students there.

    Located in Macon, Georgia, GAB was founded in 1852 covering an area of 22 hectares and currently has more than 100 visually impaired students from the state of Georgia.

    The new year cultural lectures were given by CIWC teachers Han Dong and Xu Heng. Teacher Han Dong utilized multimedia to vividly demonstrate the origin of Chinese New Year as well as a variety of traditional and modern customs and celebrations such as Chinese zodiac, putting up couplets, watching the Spring Festival Gala and visiting temple fairs. Teachers and students followed the teacher to read aloud key words of the Spring Festival and learned about their own zodiac. Students also touched and felt lanterns and couplets. They received new year gifts given by CIWC happily. The events ended in the chorus of a Chinese song. GAB faculty members and students expressed their thankfulness to CIWC teachers. One of the GAB teachers said that this lecture was great and she spent a wonderful afternoon.

    This is the first time for CIWC to host cultural lectures in GAB. Prof. Jiang Xiaoping pointed out that these lectures effectively promoted cultural exchange for CIWC. It will continue to spread Chinese culture and strengthen exchange among local citizens and schools.


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