1st International Forum for Academic Youths and Elites, Guangzhou University Hosted [12-21]

During the 18th to the 20th of December, the first International Forum for the Academic Youths and Elites was hosted by Guangzhou University. Qu Shaobing, Secretary of University Council, hosted the opening ceremony. Mr. Wang Dong, Deputy-mayor of Guangzhou City, addressed the opening ceremony and President Wei Minghai gave a keynote speech entitled “Jointly Participate in Constructing Guangzhou University as a High-level University”.

The participants were Wu Qiang, Deputy Director of Education Bureau of Guangzhou, Zhang Shengnian, Deputy Inspector of Human Resource & Social Security Bureau of Guangzhou, Zhang Qiang, Deputy Secretary of University Council and Secretary of Discipline Commission, GU Vice-president Xu Junzhong, Yu Xinwei and Fu Jiyang. On behalf of the scholars, Professor Yuan Xuefeng, Director of GU Research Center on Systematic Rheology and Doctor An Ning majoring in Human Geography from the University of Glasgow presented their speeches.

Aiming at promoting exchanges among academic youths and elites as well as introducing the elites from abroad, this conference puts an effort in building a platform for introducing their talents, especially those who are interested in joining GU team. Through making their speeches, hosting seminars and holding discussions, the elites could have a deep understanding of GU. Scholars who took part in the forum came from prestigious universities and scientific research institutes including Oxford University, Yale University, Cambridge University, Stanford University, the University of Hong Kong, Peking University, and Tsinghua University, which covered different countries across the world. Scholars exchanged their views around key issues such as talents introduction and training, disciplinary development, academic foreland etc.


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