Number of the National Natural Science Foundation Projects Received by Guangzhou University Awarded National Top 80 for the Second Year

The National Natural Science Foundation of China recently announced the results of the National Natural Science Foundation Projects for 2019. Guangzhou University (GU) received 132 projects which ranked 78th in the country. This is the second consecutive year for GU to be awarded among the national top 80.

GU was awarded the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 73 Youth Science Fund projects, and 6 international cooperation and exchange projects. In the field of research, GU launched 30 projects in engineering and materials sciences, 22 in earth sciences, 20 in chemical sciences, 19 in mathematical sciences, 17 in information sciences, 12 in life sciences, and 11 in management sciences. At the same time, one of GU’s projects in medical sciences was approved which ended the prior history of no medical sciences projects.


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