Vice President Guo Xingpeng Attends the 2019 Chinese and Japanese Universities Exhibition and In China 2019 Forum

From May 24th to 26th, at the invitation of the Ministry of Science and Technology (National Foreign Experts Bureau) and the Japan Science and Technology Agency, Vice President Guo Xingpeng attended the 2019 Chinese and Japanese Universities Exhibition and In China 2019 Forum.

The Chinese and Japanese Universities Exhibition aims to promote collaboration between and establish an interactive platform for Chinese and Japanese universities. It is hoped that the commercial application of Chinese and Japanese universities’ scientific and technological achievements could be enhanced and mutual ties be consolidated through the joint efforts of enterprises, universities, and research institutes of the two countries. This forum has attracted over 1,000 participants from the two countries, including universities,  research institutions, and enterprises. This is the highest-level international activity between Chinese and Japanese universities this year.

Vice President Guo also participated in the Sino-Japanese University Presidents Round-table Conference, in which he introduced Guangzhou University’s talent cultivation and  industry-university-research cooperation. In the conference, Guo also discussed about intercollegiate collaboration with relevant leaders from several famous public and private Japanese universities.

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