Guangzhou University Delegation Visits the University of Angers and the University of Mazandaran

From April 29th to May 4th, a Guangzhou University (GU) delegation led by Professor Qu Shaobing, Chairman of the University Council visited the University of Angers (UA) in France and the University of Mazandaran (UM) in Iran. During the visit, GU delegates attended the council meeting of the Sino-French College of Tourism of Guangzhou University at UA, and the opening ceremony of the Confucius Institute (CI) and its first council meeting at UM. During the meetings, GU and the two universities had  in-depth discussions about intercollegiate collaboration.


On April 29th, the 2019 council meeting of the Sino-French College of Tourism was held at UA. Professor Qu met with Professor Grolleau and Professor Morice, two Vice Presidents of UA, responsible persons of Faculty of Tourism and Culture, and relavant departments. After the meeting, the Board of Directors listened to and passed the annual report given by Professor Zhang Heqing, Dean of the School of Tourism, GU, and then had a discussion about a Sino-French tourism project which aims to promote scientific exchanges and cooperation among faculty and students.


Accompanied by Professor Morice, Professor Qu and his delegation visited the French Training Center; Faculty of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences; and School for Engineers in Sciences and Technology of UA. The two sides exchanged their views on language teaching and talent training. During the visit to the School for Engineers in Sciences and Technology, the two sides introduced each other’s academic and research advantages in civil engineering, network engineering, mechanical engineering, and chemical engineering, and agreed to strengthen faculty and studentexchange in relevant fields.


On April 30th, GU delegates visited UA’s teaching experimental base to learn about the courses of Tourism. During the visit, responsible persons of UA expressed their interests in joining the Guangzhou International Friendship University Alliance.

On May 1st, Professor Qu met some of the GU alumni and exchange students working or studying in Paris and Lyon. He introduced to them GU’s latest development and listened to their suggestions especially concerning the Sino-French tourism project.

On May 4th, the opening ceremony of the Confucius Institute of GU at UM was held in UM. Wang Qingjun, Political and Cultural Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Iran; Camilla, Secretary of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Iran; Professor Qu Shaobing; and UM President were present at the ceremony and each delivered a speech. More than 200 people, including representatives from the two universities and the Confucius Institute at Tehran University,  attended the opening ceremony.. In the ceremony, the two universities signed a cooperation agreement for the Confucius Institute. In the subsequent council meeting of the Confucius Institute, the two sides discussed details of the CI and reached a consensus on integrating Chinese language courses into UM curriculum. On May 3rd and 4th, GU delegates visited Chinese teachers’ dormitories, CI offices and teaching venues at UM.


At the opening ceremony, six GU students made traditional Chinese martial arts performances. The wonderful “Chinese Kung Fu” was well received and highly regarded by the audiences. In the meantime, an exhibition with the theme of Sino-Iranian exchange history, Guangzhou history and culture as well as the achievements of GU was held.


The CI at UM is Iran’s second . It is also the third CI of GU preceded by the CI at the University of Padova in Italy and the one at Wesleyan College in the US.


France and Iran are both important countries along the “Belt and Road”. It is agreed that this visit has fundamentally promoted the cooperation between GU and the two universities.

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