GU Professor Leads the International Standard ISO/DIS 22762.5 Work

Organized by American National Standards (ANS), the 65th International Organization for Standardization ISO/TC45 of Rubber and Rubber Products was hosted in Hawaii in the U.S. The meeting decided that Tan Ping, the Executive Director from Earthquake Engineering Research and Test Center of Guangzhou University, will be the first editor-in-chief taking charge in compiling the content of the fifth part of ISO/DIS 22762. This is the first time for Chinese experts to be the editor-in-chief in leading the international standardization.

ISO is a non-governmental organization consisting of national standardization organizations from 163 nations, which aims to promote the standardization and internationalization of technology worldwide.

By taking leads in this standards compiling work, China will have more opportunities to cooperate and exchange with other countries in earthquake isolation as well as learn from the foreign cutting-edge technology and experience. The next annual meeting of ISO/TC45 will be held in Hangzhou, China next year. The draft proposed by Tan Ping will be discussed by the meeting then.

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