GU Initiates Alliance Belt and Road Business Schools

On August 26th, the Alliance of Belt and Road Business Schools was set up at Harbin Institute of Technology, which attracted experts and scholars from 28 well-known university business schools of 20 countries and regions to participate in. Guangzhou University (GU) as one of the initiators sent Prof. Xue Xiaolong, Dean of the School of Business Administration, to attend the meeting. Participants discussed about cooperation issues among countries along the Silk Road.

The Alliance of Belt and Road Business Schools was jointly established by around 20 Schools of Business Administration from countries along the Belt and Road. The alliance will spread knowledge and promote international cooperation, business and technology through cooperation in PhD degree of business management. The alliance will also build an international platform for economic and trade activities, international capacity cooperation, infrastructure investment and construction projects, transfer of scientific and technological achievements as well as educational resources sharing among these countries.

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