GU Hosts Exchange Activity among Guangzhou and Taiwanese Youths in Cultural Creative Industry

On July 15 to 17, exchange activity of the 2017 Guangzhou-Taiwan Cultural Creative Industry was hosted in Guangzhou. Sponsored by Guangzhou University (GU), the event provided opportunity and platform for the youths who paid attentions to cultural creative industry in Guangzhou and Taiwan to have an in-depth ideological exchange as well as cooperation in the industry through opening seminars and visiting cultural creative bases in Guangzhou.

On On July 15, a total of 16 scholars and youths from several universities in Taiwan visited Guangzhou Municipal CPPCC Foreign Affairs Committee of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

On the morning of July 16th, the seminar was held, attended by experts including GU Vice-president Guoxing Peng, Ji Dejun, Dean of GU School of Humanities, and Li Haoyan, Deputy Dean of GU Taiwan Research Institute. Participants discussed about the characteristics and limitations of Cultural Creative Industry in Guangzhou, products and promotion of Cultural Creative Industry in Taiwan, and exchange as well as cooperation of cross-strait Cultural Creative Industry.

The exchange activity was highly acclaimed by Taiwan scholars, who spoke highly of the thriving cultural creative industry in Guangzhou and affirmed the necessity and importance of exchanges among the youths because the exchange can fulfil common progress of both sides.

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