GU 2017 Awards for Humanities & Social Sciences

Professor Chen Tan published the article entitled "The Third Party Governance: Theoretical Example and Practical Logic" in the Political Science Research.

This paper is a research result of key project of national social science fund.

Professor Hu Xiao published the article entitled "Revolution of Spiritual Production Mode and Ideological Construction" in the Marxism and Reality.

Professor Liu Hui published the article entitled "Policy of Provincial High-level University Construction: Historical Evolution and Choice of Value" in the Higher Education Research.

Professor Zhao Zhongyuan published the article related to the promotion of Scientific Socialism Development in the theoretical chapter of People's Daily.

Researcher Tu Chenglin published the article entitled "Excellent Traditional Culture: the Source of Value, the Root of the Nation and the Foundation of Safety" in the theoretical chapter of Guangming Daily.

Professor Chen Tan published the work entitled "Revolution of Governance: The Meaning of Cyberspace and Operational Logic".

The book is the research result of the "Political Research of China's experiential-explanation-orientated Internet", the key project of Publicity Department of Guangdong Party Committee.

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