GU Signs Cooperation Framework Agreement with National Technical University of Ukraine

    On the afternoon of March 31, Guangzhou University (GU) signed Cooperation Framework Agreement with National Technical University of Ukraine. The two sides reached a consensus on carrying out cooperation in the fields of scientific and technological innovation, teaching, research as well as transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Under the joint witness of Zhang Jianhua, Deputy Secretary-General of Guangzhou municipal government, Qu Shaobing, Head of University Council, GU Vice-president Zhou Yun, Shao Guoliang, Deputy Inspector of the Municipal Education Bureau, Andrei Shiselin, Director of the International Office of National Technical University of Ukraine and relevant persons in charge of Guangdong-CIS International Cooperative Union in Science and Technology, GU President Wei Minghai and Peter Kirichok, Vice-President of National Technical University of Ukraine, signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of both sides.

    According to the agreement, the two schools will combine their respective advantages in science and technology, education and industrialization research. Based on the needs of disciplinary development of intelligent manufacturing engineering, material engineering, aerospace engineering and research, the two universities will develop collaboration in teacher exchanges, personnel training, scientific research cooperation, scientific and technological innovation as well as achievement transformation. Joint institutions were also agreed to be built if neccessary.

    President Wei Minghai pointed out that as a world-renowned institution, National Technical University of Ukraine enjoyed a high reputation in engineering courses especially in intelligent manufacturing engineering, materials engineering and aerospace engineering while as one of the key high-level universities constructed by Guangzhou city, GU is actively planning to build five platforms including intelligence manufacturing engineering, science and engineering of mobile data, urban underground space development project, urban environment and geographical engineering and editing engineering of precise gene. He hoped that we could take this contract as an opportunity to strengthen bilateral ties in teaching and research, scientific and technological transformation.

    Peter Kirchach, Vice-President of National Technical University of Ukraine, said that the cooperation would benefit young scholars and students and would enhance scientific and research capacity as well as academic level of the two universities. They will refine the contents of the cooperation agreement and put forward specific plans to implement it.

    On behalf of the Municipal Education Bureau, Deputy Inspector Shao Guoliang gave a speech to point out that since Ukraine located in the "Silk Road Economic Zone", collaboration between the two universities conformed to our "One Belt and One Road" strategy. He expressed the hope that the two universities could integrate the strategic needs of economic and social development of the two countries and Guangzhou city in cooperation, in order to make greater contributions for the implementation of the “One Belt and One Road” strategy.National Technical University of Ukraine, formerly known as the Kiev Institute of Technology, was founded in 1898 in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. It is one of the oldest and largest engineering universities in the world, from which Mendeleev, Scorovsky, Karalov, Barton and other world prestigious scholars are graduated. At present, the University has more than 40 academicians and journalists from the National Academy of Sciences, with strong scientific research capacity. It takes a leading place in Ukraine in the areas of information technology, systems analysis and control, electronics and audio engineering research and communication, electromechanical engineering and energy conservation reserves, materials science and mechanical engineering , energy engineering and energy generation technology, data measurement technology and ecological research.


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