Ceremony of 15th Anniversary of IFTC and Renewal of Cooperation between GU and the UA Held

On the morning of March 20, Ceremony of the 15th Anniversary of IFTC and Renewal of Cooperation between Guangzhou University (GU) and the University of Angers (UA) was held in GU. Participants of the event included Fu Weijie, Consul-general of French Counsulate in Guangzhou, UA President Christian Robledo, Jiangdong, Deputy Director of Education Bureau of Guangzhou City, Xu Ying, Deputy Inspector of Tourism Bureau of Guangzhou City, GU President Wei Minghai, Former GU President Lin Weiming, GU Vice-president Zhou Yun and GU President Assistant Li Yi.

During the past fifteen years, the Sino-French project has achieved a great success; taking the lead in implementation of the leadership system in combination of school and enterprise; the introduction of a large number of high-quality education resources in French tourism which are used to carry out localization practice; promoting teachers exchange in Sino-French tourism related disciplines and strengthening School-enterprise cooperation as well as exchanges.

Before the ceremony, students of the Sino-French College sang songs of "Jasmine" and "Family" which represent the two countries in Chinese and French respectively. President Wei Minghai addressed the ceremony, noting that this event not only commemorated the achievements made in the past 15 years since the inception of the Sino-French project, but also promoted further development of the project. He said the two sides reached a consensus on setting a higher goal for cooperation. It is agreed that targeted on “cultivation of International high-end tourism talents and academic reserve talents”, the two sides focused on “cultural heritage management” and “exhibition and festival management” as well as devoted to set an example in building "China's first-class and internationally renowned" international cooperation in tourism higher education through introducing French quality tourism education resources. At last, he raised three aspirations for future development of Sino-French project as follows. First of all, GU will integrate the Sino-French project into the process of constructing high-level university and provide an all-round support in teacher, funding and management. Secondly, he hoped that mutual trust could be strengthened and the two sides could resort to communication in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. Thirdly, he hoped that the Sino-French project could learn lessons from the successful experience of advanced university.

President Robledo expressed his sincere thanks for President Wei’s appreciation on the Sino-French project. He hoped that both sides would expand the cooperative fields in the future, namely on the basis of cooperation in tourism, we should explore more collaborative opportunities.

Deputy Director Jiang Dong admired the success of this Sino-French project. He suggested that the Sino-French cooperation project should pursue breakthrough in jointly running school, talents training, scientific research, teaching staff construction and serving to social and economic development of Guangzhou City. Consul-general Fu Weijie also said that as the first jointly running higher education project in tourism approved by the Chinese and French governments and it enjoys a bright prospect.

After graduate representative of the Sino-French project gave a speech, President Robledo and Vice-president Morice awarded French diplomas for the Sino-French project students and took a group photo.

Before the celebration ceremony, at the invitation of President Wei, President Robeldo led the delegation of Angers to visit GU and convened a meeting. During the meeting, the two sides discussed cooperative issues including improving the proportion of postgraduates, students exchange, scientific research cooperation, improvement of teaching quality and the level of students' language, and the invitation of French enterprises to join the Council. The delegates also held talks with Sino-French project teachers and students.

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