CIWC Celebrates Chinese Lantern Festival

On the evening of February 14th, faculty members and students from Confucius Institute of Wesleyan College (CIWC) as well as overseas Chinese participated in the Lantern Festival cultural activities organized by the CIWC in Benson Room. Volunteer teachers from Confucius Institute at Kennesaw State University in Macon area also celebrated the Lantern Festival together.

The cultural events had six parts including opening music, video introduction of Lantern Festival, making dumplings, eating Chinese food, enjoying lanterns and guessing lantern riddles. Dr. Liu Jin, Visiting Scholar from Guangzhou University (GU) and Deputy-Dean of the School of Music and Dance, performed “The Fern Leaf Hedge Bamboo in Moonlight” with Hulusu. Chinese students played piano and CIWC teachers taught the foreigners how to make dumplings, which deepened their understanding of traditional Chinese festivals and Chinese culture.

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