Guangzhou Song and Dance Theater Perform in Italy

During the Spring Festival, invited by the Padova government, Hanban and the Confucius Institute at University of Padova (CIWC), Guangzhou Song and Dance Theater went to Italy to participate in Chinese cultural activities of 2017 Spring Festival. They gave performances named “Charming Lingnan” in Padova and the surrounding cities, which were highly acclaimed by audiences.

Chinese cultural activities of 2017 Chinese New Year was hosted by Hanban (Confucius Institute Headquarters), Municipal government of Padova city, Guangzhou Municipal News Center, Guangzhou University, CIWC and Guangzhou Song and Dance Theater. Activities included Guangzhou photo exhibition, Chinese traditional cultural activities, Chu culture lectures and performances given by Guangzhou Song and Dance Theater. The show "Charming Lingnan" with Chinese and Lingnan characteristics was given during January 26th to February 2nd. Dances with Canton characteristics, martial arts, Chinese folk songs and traditional instruments playing were performed to the audiences.

Professor Alessandro Paccagnella, current Vice-Chancellor of the University of Padova, Prof. Alessandro Martin and Prof. Lucia Regolin who are former Vice-Chancellors, Professor Arturo Lorenzoni, Professor Alessandra Menegazzi and Dr. Siracusa watched the performance. They praised the performance for its role in promoting Chinese culture and its contribution of cooperation between Guangzhou and Padova as well as China and Italy.

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