CIUP Holds 2017 Chinese New Year Celebration

Confucius Institute at the University of Padova (CIUP) held a grand Chinese cultural event to celebrate Chinese new year in the center of Padova on January 28th which is the first day of the first lunar month, showing dragon and lion dances, traditional cultural workshops, large-scale song and dance performances such as "Charming Lingnan", and other cultural activities. Local Padova citizens were intoxicated in the festivities of Chinese new year.

In the afternoon, a giant dragon symbolizing Chinese nation's faith and self-esteem began to dance from the Garibaldi Square in Padova, passing through the streets and alleys of the city center and stopped before the city hal. Lion dance and Chinese martial arts performances interested the public in Padova.

Afterwards, five traditional Chinese cultural workshops kicked off. The workshop was divided into three periods, each time attracting a large number of citizens to watch and experience. In the part of Chinese painting and calligraphy, people appreciated Chinese brush calligraphy and the charm of Chinese painting. They got involved in writing and painting. In paper-cutting workshop, the public listened to the folk customs of the Chinese Spring Festival and picked up the scissors to try to cut out Chinese words "Spring", "Fu" and lanterns. Chinese song and dance and traditional instruments group played Guzheng and lute as well as sang Chinese folk songs, which were highly acclaimed by the audiences.

Chinese language workshop attracted large amount of people. CI volunteer teachers introduced Chinese Pinyin, Tone, some simple Chinese characters, words formation, and finally some practical daily-life expressions. Audiences marveled at the profound Chinese culture. When Chinese national first-class actor and famous Guzheng musician Cai Wenfeng played "Harvesting Drums" and "Mountain and Flowing Water", his superb playing skills and the rich artistic connotation won the audience's strong applause.

In the evening, sent by Guangzhou University, Guangzhou Song and Dance Theater presented the highlight of this celebration - large-scale song and dance performances "Charming Lingnan", and participated in a series of cultural activities.

The celebration of Chinese new year came to an end in group dance "dance in the dream". Professors Alessandro Paccagnella, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Padova, together with two former Vice-Chancellors and Dr. Siracusa, Padova's Municipal Officer, watched the performances and were deeply impressed.

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