13th Guangzhou-Taiwan University Presidents Forum Held in GU

During December 15 to 17, organized by Taiwan Research Institute of Guangzhou University (GU), the 13th Guangzhou-Taiwan University Presidents Forum was held in GU. More than 100 university presidents and managers from nearly 70 colleges and universities in Guangzhou and Taiwan attended the forum.

On the morning of December 16th, Mr. Lu Yixian, member of the Standing Committee of Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee, attended the opening ceremony. Mr. Qu Shaobing, Head of the University Council of GU, Mr. Wu Qingji, President of Taiwan University of Education and Mr. Gao Yaozong, Director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of Guangzhou city, addressed the opening ceremony. The seminar was hosted by GU Vice-President Zhang Qixue.


Secretary Qu said in his speech that GU and Taiwan universities have more than 30 years of exchanges and cooperation and established partnership with 18 universities in Taiwan such as Pingtung University of Education, Tamkang University, Yunlin University of Science and Technology and Shisin University. He expressed the hope that through this forum, universities in Guangzhou and Taiwan could share the experiences of teacher development and expand the cooperation fields. Gao Yaozong said in his speech that he hoped cooperation and exchange of talents among universities and colleges in Guangzhou and Taiwan will be deepened. Guangzhou will also offer more opportunities for outstanding education personnel from Taiwan.


With the theme of "Focusing on the Development of Teachers in Universities in Guangzhou and Taiwan in the Context of Globalization," the forum set two keynote speeches and four topic discussion, in order to promote exchange and cooperation among teachers in universities in Guangzhou and Taiwan.

Since 2005, Guangzhou city has successfully held 12 Guangzhou-Taiwan University Presidents Forum and has invited responsible persons from more than 400 universities in Guangzhou and Taiwan to gather in Guangzhou to discuss issues involving basic education, higher education, vocational education and special education. More than 50 universities and institutions in Guangzhou and Taiwan have established collaboration and various academic seminars or exchange activities have been held. This Forum has effectively built a cross-strait platform for educational exchange and it pushes forward the development of education in both Guangzhou and Taiwan.

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