Paintings of GU Teacher Liu Feifei Exhibited in Korean National Assembly

During June 5th to 9th, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between China and South Korea, the art works of Mrs. Liu Feifei, a teacher of Guangzhou University (GU) were exhibited in Korean National Assembly, which was hosted by Korean - China Cultural Association and organized by the Chinese Embassy in Korea. Jin Yanguang, Deputy Ambassador of the Chinese Embassy in Korea, Li Zhongjie, President of the Korea-China Cultural Association and member of the Korean Congress, Lu Xionglai, member of the Korean Congress, the Famous Korean painter Park Hye-Kyoung, MIN KOUNG OK and other representatives from Korean political, economic and cultural circles attended the opening ceremony. Major Korean media reported and highly acclaimed the exhibition.

During the exhibition, 45 works created by Liu Feifei were exhibited, who were a teacher from GU School of Art and Design. Teacher Liu is a visiting scholar in Chonbuk National University. She had an extensive exchange with Korean artists by analyzing the artistic connotation of the painting and interpreting the characteristics as well as charm of Chinese paintings.

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