WSU PVCI Linda Taylor Visits GU

        On June 12, Linda Taylor, Pro Vice Chancellor of Western Sydney University (WSU), and Ran Xiao, International Regional Manager, visited Guangzhou University (GU). GU President Wei Minghai, Vice-president Zhou Yun and responsible persons of related departments met the delegates to discuss about how to strengthen cooperation in key disciplines and research platforms. The two sides reached a consensus on promoting joint cultivation at undergraduate and postgraduate degree.

Established in 1989, WSU is Australia's first joint university with Australia's largest school network and its oldest college enjoys a history of more than 100 years.

During the talks, President Wei Minghai introduced basic information of GU and its orientation under the circumstance of constructing high-level university by Guangdong Provincial and Guangzhou Municipal Government. He pointed out the seven key disciplines that GU focused on and the progress GU has achieved in talents introduction as well as infrastructure construction. Based on the long-term friendship between the city of Guangzhou and Sydney, President Wei raised suggestions regarding cooperation between the two schools under the framework of "Guangzhou Sister City University Alliance". Vice-president Zhou Yun suggested that the two sides carry out mutual recognition of credit, students’ exchange of "2 +2" or "3 +2" programs. The two sides could establish scientific and technological platforms.

Linda Taylor introduced WSU and its strengths and expressed great agreement with the proposals raised by President Wei and Vice-president Zhou. She looked forward to strengthen mutual ties.


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