2017 CIWC Chinese New Year Celebration Held

On evening of January 28th, 2017 Chinese New Year Evening Show "Spring of the song • Carnival" was held in Wesleyan College Porter auditorium (Porter Auditorium) of Confucius Institute at Wesleyan College (CIWC). Local orchestra in Macon, the award-winning singer from Boston together with CIWC staff, dance team, student volunteers, music department orchestra as well as piano teachers and students gave a brilliant performance to celebrate Chinese New Year with hundreds of audiences.


To present the joyful and peaceful Chinese New Year, the volunteers wearing Chinese clothes played flute, guzheng and electronic piano trio for the audiences. Decorations with Chinese characteristics such as Spring Festival couplets, Chinese character of “Fu”, Chinese knot, panda doll, chicken doll and window grill were put on. Audiences experienced Chinese folk culture through giving New Year red envelopes, eating Chinese snacks, taking family portrait and other interesting activities.


Vivia Lawton Fowler, Vice-president of Wesleyan College, gave a speech at the evening party. Co-chaired by Nicholas J. Steneck and Dr. Jiang Xiaoping, Deans of the Confucius Institute, the Chinese New Year Evening Party kicked off. Chinese martial arts, Chinese folk dance and classical dance were highly acclaimed by the audiences.

Another highlight of this party is the Chinese classic interpretation of the United States. "Chinese Fantasia" and "Congratulations" were played together by Macon's local Academy of Classical Education and The Greenwood School of Music. Professors and students of the Wesleyan College performed many famous Chinese songs such as "Moon on behalf of my heart" using piano, saxophone, bass and drums. The Robert McDuffe Center for Strings at Mercer University combined Western string music and folk songs in northern Shanxi, Jiangsu and Yunnan Provinces. Courtney Huffman from Boston sang "Qinghai-Tibet Plateau" passionately and danced "Spring Ballet" with her 4-year-old daughter jumped.

This evening party is the fourth Chinese New Year evening parties held by the CIWC since its inception. CIWC officials said that they would put efforts in playing the role of Chinese New Year evening party in cultural transmission.


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