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Founding of The Center for Applied Mathematics

The 2019 Guangzhou Mathematics-Tianyuan Workshop on Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Population Dynamics

2019 Guangzhou International Conference on Mathematical Biology

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General Description

The Center for Applied Mathematics was established in 2017 and it upholds the ideas of “freedom, integration of cross-curricular interests and serving the society”. The Center aims to make breakthroughs in a variety of research areas on the stochastic gene expression in single cells, regulation of immunity and control of mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue in southern China. Through resources optimization and integration, the Center aims to strengthen the horizontal interdisciplinary research of mathematics, statistics, biomedicine, computational physics and computer science. The Center will also further catalyze mathematics research and transfer the single discipline mode to a more inclusive interdisciplinary cooperation mode and promote the innovation of knowledge and find solutions to practical problems.

The Center has been working on differential equations, dynamic systems, and their applications in biology at both population and molecular levels. Research areas of the Center can be divided into four categories: qualitative analysis of functional differential equations, theory of discrete Hamilton system, gene transcription in single cells, ecological modeling and population dynamics, and control of dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases.

The Center currently has six full professors, three overseas distinguished professors, five associate professors, and four post-doctorates to include some renowned figures such as the winners of the National Science Fund for Outstanding Youths and leaders of the innovation team of the Ministry of Education. It has an innovative research team.

Researchers of the Center have published more than 90 papers in top journals, to include one research article in Nature. Among these works, eleven papers have been recognized by ESI as highly cited papers. The Center have more than 20 nationally funded research projects over last five years, with a total amount of about 20 million RMB yuan. The Center presides over two key projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), and two cross-research platform projects of NSFC. During 2015 and 2016, the team was rewarded as a central interdisciplinary research platform by the Ministry of Education. The Center also presides over a major research plan which includes a cultural project, eight general projects, eight youths projects, and five special funds, all of which are supported by NSFC. In addition, the Center has obtained 20 other funds at provincial, municipal or national levels.

The Center strives to build a high-level applied mathematics research platform serving South China and the entire country. It supports discipline development, makes major scientific and technological achievements, and educates excellent scientific research talents. With these efforts, the Center promotes the overall research level of Applied Mathematics in China and the world.

l  Leaders

Director:Jianshe Yu, Professor

Executive Director:Zhan Zhou, Professor

Deputy Director:Hong Zhang


2Research Areas

Qualitative theory of functional differential equations

Theory of discrete hamiltonian system

Stochastic regulation in gene expression

Application of differential equations in dengue fever control, infectious disease model and population ecology model


Jianshe Yu, Professor

Zhan Zhou, Professor

Zhiming Guo, Professor

Moxun Tang, Professor

Jia Li, Professor

Krawcewicz Wieslaw, Professor

Dingyong Bai, Professor

Bo Zheng, Professor