Academic Strength

Guangzhou University has placed discipline construction as its top priority. Starting from adjusting discipline structure and consolidating academic research teams, it is building academic platforms, which will promote the development of applied, emerging and cross-discipline research that meets the demand of the economic and social development of Guangdong Province and the city of Guangzhou. The University is also seizing opportunities to apply for degree programs so that the academic construction will achieve leap-forward development.


Guangzhou University enjoys an appropriate faculty composite with academic excellence.

The total number of current staff and faculty is 2388.

The total number of faculty and research fellows is 1480.

The total number of faculty with a senior academic title is 1050.

The average age of the faculty and research fellows is 42.

Prominent Staff

Academician of Chinese Academy of Science                                                          2

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering                                                    1

Honorary Member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences                                1

Young Experts with Distinguished Contribution to the Country                                 2

Distinguished Young Scholar with National Natural Science Funds                            2

Distinguished Young Scholar with National Funds                                                    1

Member of Teaching Advisory Board for Institution of Higher-Education in China     10

Member of the “National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents Project”     4

Member of the sixth Batch of the National “1000 Talents Program”                            1

Member of New Century Talent Support Scheme of the Ministry of Education           8

Former member of Degree Program Evaluation Committee of the State Council          2

National (University) Distinguished Teacher                                                               1

National Excellent Teacher                                                                                        3

National Model Teacher                                                                                            2

Enjoys Government Special Allowance Provided by the State Council                        30

Academic Research

Guangzhou University has been persistent in “carrying out academic research as its core”, and has established a comprehensive incentive system for academic research, consolidating academic research teams and forming academic research platforms, the result is the research capability being significantly strengthened and the overall academic strength being improved rapidly.

Funding for Academic Research (2015)

Figures and facts (2015)

Scientific Research Projects                                                 More than 1000 Projects

“973” Projects                                                                   2 Projects

“863” Projects                                                                   1 Projects

Key Projects of Humanities and Social Sciences                   1 Projects

National Projects of Natural Sciences                                   248 Projects

National Projects of Social Sciences                                     80 Projects

Funding for Scientific Research                                           390 Million RMB

Awards of Scientific Research Achievement                         285 Projects

The Second Prize of National Scientific Progress Awards     4 Projects

Innovation Team Awarded by the Ministry of Education       2 Projects

Innovation Synergy Center of Human Rights                        1 Projects

Provincial and National Cultivation and Planning Projects of 2011 Innovation Synergy Center 

                                                                                           1 Projects

Innovation Synergy Center of Guangdong Province              1 Projects

InnovativeDevelopment Synergy Center                                27 Projects

Major Achievement Project of University-Local Government Innovation Synergy Alliance in Guangzhou

                                                                                           17 Projects