Mr. Wei Minghai, the President of Guangzhou University and Professor of Accounting. He received his Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics in 1984, his Master of Business Administration from Tulane University in 1999, and his Ph.D in Economics from Xiamen University in 1991. From 2004 to 2005, Professor Wei served as a Fulbright research scholar at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States.

    Starting as a lecturer in the School of Business of Sun Yat-Sen University in 1991, Mr.Wei was assigned as an associate professor in 1992 and later promoted to be a professor in 1994. 

    After that, he has taken positions as Head of the Department of Accountancy of Sun Yat-sen University, Associate Dean and Dean of the School of Business, Director of the International Office, Assistant to President and Vice-president of Sun Yat-sen University. Since September 2016, he was appointed President of Guangzhou University.

    Professor Wei currently holds the posts of member of the 7th Evaluation Panel (Panel of Business Administration) of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council of China, Deputy-Director of Steering Committee for the 5thNational MBA, Vice-chairman of the 7th Committee of Guangdong Social Science Association, Managing Director of Chinese Accounting Society, and other posts.

    During his career to date, Professor Wei has received both ministerial and provincial awards in teaching and research as follows:

Young University Teachers Award (Chinese Ministry of Education)

Research Excellence, 3rd and 5th National University Humanistic and Social Science Research Award (Chinese Ministry of Education)

Research Excellence, Guangdong Provincial Award for Philosophical and Social Sciences, in 2009 and 2013

“May 4th” Medal (China’s Youth Award) of the Guangdong Province