Curtin University of Technology

James Cook University

University of Curting

University of Murdoch

University of Newcastle

University of Western Australia


Okanagan College

University of British Columbia

University of Montreal in Quebec

University of New Brunswick

University of Western Ontario

Mount Saint Vincent University

Concordia University of Edmonton


The United Kingdom

Grimsby Institute

University of Birmingham

University of Cumbria

University of Essex

University of Kiel

The United States

Association of US-China Exchange in San Francisco

Bemidji State University

Texas Tech University

Benedictine University

Coastal Carolina University

Ball State University

North Dakota State University

Northern Arizona University

School of Continuing Education of University of California Berkeley

Springfield College in USA

University of Texas

University of Cincinnati

Southeast Oklahoma State University

University of Guam

Humboldt State University

University of California in Northridge

California San Jose State University

University of Maryland

Michigan State University

University of South Carolina

Salem State University

Troy University

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Wesleyan College

Northwestern Polytechnic University

Southwestern Academy

Georgia Southwestern State University

The Society of Chinese American Professors and Scientists

University of South Carolina

Georgia State University

Central Michigan University

Middle Tennessee State University



Egyptian Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research Institute



Association of Directors of French Scientific and Technological Colleges

Dunkirk International Higher Business College, University of Littoral

The National Institute for Science, Technology and Management of France

University of Angers

University of Angers and University of Nice

University of Perpignan


Finland Asian Communication LTD

Finland Ham Institute of Science and Technology

Finland Tampere University

Finland Tampere Polytechnic University

Yarmuk University of Applied Science



Karlsruhe University of Applied Science

Offenbach Institute of Art and Design



Vellore University of Science and Technology


Petra Christian University


University of Mazandaran


University of Padova

Pescara Katie University


Tohoku Institute of Technology

Chunhui International College in Fukuoka

University of Fukuoka

Tengtian Cooperation


Bishkek Humanities University


University of Aberdeen in Sudan


National University of Mongolia


Zarnab International (Pvt.) Limited


Far Eastern State Transport University

National Research University - Higher School of Economics

South Korea

Chosun University

Dongshin University

Gwangju National University of Education

Hanyang University

Honam University

Kwangju University

Kwangju Women's University

Mokpo National Catholic University

Mokpo National Maritime University

Mokpo National University

Sunchon National University


Balearic Islands University


Linkoping University

United Arab Emirates

University of United Arab Emirates


National University of Kiev

National Technical University of Ukraine


Hanatick Learning Training Company

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